Waste holders have the obligation to dispose of their products according to the law. Providing them with a hassle-free disposal network, better enables companies to manage their lifecycle responsibility.

At PV CYCLE, we believe that sorting waste is the key to recover qualitative recyclates. Enabling in a smart way both residential and professional holders of their PV Panels waste helps to avoid uncontrolled waste management (collection,shipment  as well as illegal dumping). Moreover, a dedicated take-back network operated by professionals mitigates contamination with other materials and ultimately helps us to achieve better recycling rates at a lower cost.

Therefore, PV CYCLE has developed a collection network that is substantially different from others: through own collection points at companies in the PV value chain and our unique on-site pick-up service.


We offer a direct pick-up service for a variety of waste, including PV panels, batteries, E-waste or production scrap.

To further assist our customers, PV CYCLE also offers packaging and dismantling solutions.


PV CYCLE collects PV Panels from own collection points throughout the PV value chain. Offering a network for small quantities of PV Panels waste brings an added value for very small amounts of residential rooftop PV installations.

Due to their size and weight, PV panels often exceed collection and storage capacities. Our own collection points are operated by professionals and are familiar with the characteristics of PV Panels.

All our own collection points are equipped with our specially designed collection box to avoid contamination with other waste, electrocution and to limit the safety risks related to the exposure to broken glass. To find your nearest PV CYCLE Collection Point, consult our national websites.


Waste holders with a dismantling need can benefit from a comprehensive decommissioning service for PV installations, covering dismantling by professionals and waste packaging.

Our dismantling service is limited to PV projects.