We have the mission to always offer our members best-in-class waste management and legal compliance services.


A global waste management broker, PV CYCLE works with a large partner network consisting of collection, transport, recycling and WEEE specialists. Thanks to our partnerships we can offer members expert solutions from all parts of waste management, throughout the globe and for a large number of waste products.

PV CYCLE is an ISO-certified company with a long track-record.


Our solutions and services are driven by our customers whilst respecting our qualitative procedures under ISO 9001 and 14001. PV CYCLE and its staff are committed to acting responsibly and to providing solutions that are agile and visionary at once. The partners we work with in logistics and waste treatment are selected based on their technological and environmental excellence. PV CYCLE regularly audits their partners and its internal procedures to ensure that our environmental commitment and high-quality promise are met.


At PV CYCLE we put a lot of our efforts in smooth collection and shipment of discarded PV Panels. For the owners of PV Panels, PV CYCLE has developed a collection network that is substantially different from others: through own collection points at companies in the PV value chain and our unique on-site pick-up service.


Recovering the materials from PV Panels, inverters, batteries is at PV CYCLE driven by a continuous search for Best Available Techniques Not Exceeding Excessive Costs.


As part of our mission, PV CYCLE also participates in a series of national and international R&D projects. This enables us to drive technological advancements forwards and to promote investments in the recycling industry. Find here an overview of our R&D projects.