A non-profit, member-based organization, PV CYCLE offers collective and tailor-made waste management and legal compliance services for companies and waste holders around the world.

Founded in 2007 by and for the PV industry, PV CYCLE today includes a broad range of waste products in its portfolio.


We operate all over the world from our different offices
(Belgium, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Japan)
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What do we cover?

PV module waste

Electrical/electronic equipment waste

Battery waste

Industrial waste

Packaging waste

What do we offer?

Waste Compliance

Waste Collection & Treatment

Waste Consultancy

Waste Dismantling

Waste Management Programs

National Services

Why choose PV CYCLE?


Single point of contact for all-inclusive waste management and legal compliance.


A member-association, PV CYCLE focuses on our clients’needs and priorites.


Lower costs through expert know-how and collective approach.


Transparent, all-inclusive prices for sustainable solutions.


Independent from investors and recyclers, PV CYCLE members benefit directly from our assets.